Midnight Snacks

Peanut was scolding me. She’s getting to be an old lady now (she turned twelve in September) and she wanted to go in to bed. Bear is already in sleeping, but the dogs don’t like to go in with him, they wait for me, and apparently I am up too late tonight. She walked down the hallway and waited, but when I didn’t follow her she started woofing. Not a loud bark, just annoyed little woofs to get my attention.

As soon as I stood the other three dogs scrambled to stay with me. I opened our bedroom door and in they filed to their respective beds, Pixie at the foot of mine. Bear had left the tv on, so I decided I’d find a movie to fall asleep to, but first I needed something sweet!

While I walked to the kitchen I lamented the fact that I’d bought candy for everyone but myself for Christmas, and no one had bought any for me. “When did I give up my secret candy stash?” I wondered… Probably when I realized I have zero self-control.

I opened the cupboards hoping to find chocolate, willing there to be cookies, but to no avail. Just when I’d resigned myself to popcorn I spotted the Frito’s. Seeing them reminded me that we had Mong’s French Onion Dip’n Chip from our trip back to western PA!

If you haven’t had this, I’m sorry for you, because it’s the best ever. Ever!


I assume it says "Party Size" because there's going to be a party in your mouth, not because they expect you to share it with other people.

Anywho, I just can’t figure out why I’m not losing weight. (Kidding.) Maybe I should consider some lifestyle changes for the new year…

Update: I still want chocolate. Going to bed filled with disappointment and regret… and the most delicious of chip dips.


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