It’s all the same to me…

Remember how my brain goes on tangents? It’s good times, or weird… whatever.

The other day I heard a Linkin Park song on the radio and was trying to remember if it was the one used in the Michael Bay Transformer movies (They may have used more than one Linkin Park song for the movies, I don’t know.) Then I imagined a scenario of Michael Bay pitching ideas to his assistant.

Michael Bay: So we’re going to open it up, give a little background story, then some ‘splosions!

Assistant: Are you sure? I’m not sure that…

Michael Bay: Of course I’m sure, and throw in a Linkin Park song!

Assistant: Well, I don’t, uh, which one sir?

Michael Bay: The one with the synthesized beat with singing, then he does the spoken rap/poetry thing, then there’s some angry guitar as he screams.

Assistant:  Uh…

Michael Bay: Then more ‘splosions!

Assistant: Sir, we’re doing My Little Pony*, do you really think there should be that many explosions?

Michael Bay: Of course! People love it when I blow shit up!

*I don’t know that Michael Bay is rebooting the My Little Pony franchise, but I wouldn’t put it past him. This is what it will look like: Whoa. Only with people playing the ponies, like the “bronies.” (Google that for nightmare fuel. You’re welcome.)

I’m sorry I’m not sorry to anyone offended by anything I’ve written. It’s all true, and if it makes you uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to start judging yourself more harshly. (I don’t really mean that, not entirely. You do you, just find happiness, unless it hurts someone else, then stop it. Dick.)



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