Technologically Challenged

I’m terrible at computers, phones, etc. I barely muddle through, it’s awful. My brother got all the computer smarts as far as that goes. I figured out Facebook to some degree after everyone jumped ship from Myspace. (I still wish I could get my blogs back from Myspace, they were technically my baby books for my children. Le sigh, I am a terrible mother.)

Then everyone is all, “Go to the Twitter! It’s exciting and new, and you can only post a limited amount of information!” I resisted. I thought, “Forget that noise, it’s going the way of the 8-track!” But much to my dismay, it is still here and very popular. Also, I’m addicted to hashtags. I would use them in everyday conversation if I didn’t think people would punch me in the face for it (as they should!) So I’m giving it a go outside of my business.

I created a Twitter thinking it would help me either gain followers for my non-existent career as a writer, or prove to my friends and family that I am not that funny if you don’t know and care for me and crush their dreams of me ever becoming a published author. I thought that I could just post the majority of the random crap that pops into my head there and link it to Facebook so I didn’t have to post it there as well (I managed to do it for my business pages, so I know it CAN be done), but do you know how long it took me to re-figure it out? Of course not, because I haven’t told you yet. It took me 10 minutes. And I couldn’t do it, because my business page is already linked to that Facebook account, even though it only posts to my business page. I don’t want to un-link my business page like it told me to because it’s more important at this juncture in my life. I’ll just have to “share” my tweets from my new account if I deem them funny enough to share with my friends and family.

Thank God we all have low standards.

What the fudge is a widget? I don’t know; I don’t know what they are, I don’t know how to use them, and I’m hoping it’s not that important. You could explain it to me and I probably still wouldn’t know. (But I would appreciate your efforts. It seems there is context to what they are when I Googled. I wasn’t concerned enough to investigate further, I assume I’ll be alright having survived this long without understanding…)

Goodness only knows the features that I don’t know how to use here on WordPress; there are a lot of them! I think I’m using tags properly? I may not be, but since I started using them I seem to get more hits, so unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m going to keep using them like I am. Should I be categorizing my blogs? I have no idea how to even categorize the garbage my brain spews out. Before the internet this would have ended up in a journal I burned to save my children from the embarrassment of realizing their mother was more insane than previously thought. I’ll leave that one alone for now.

They should teach more computer-y things in school, not just typing. I don’t remember anything from how to draw with Wordpad or Microsoft works or whatever that was. Dumb and useless is what it seems now. Maybe they did try to teach me html stuff and I just didn’t get it… Crap.

I’m going to be one of those crazy old people taking classes on how to internet at the community college.


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