Crap! Up for nothing…

Did you know that today is a Jewish holiday? It’s Rosh Hashana, to be specific. I Googled it. Apparently it’s the Jewish new year celebration. I did not know any of these things when I woke up this morning. I knew that it existed, but not that it was today, or that it would have any effect on my life, as I’m not Jewish.

Today’s timeline:

  1. Alarm goes off. Ugh. Check Facebook, giggle to wake up at funny post that would probably be less funny if I were more awake.
  2. Turn on shower so that it warms up.
  3. My phone goes off… What is that? Oh, it’s my “No, seriously, you need to wake up now.” alarm, just in case I didn’t wake with the first one.
  4. Drag my butt out of bed and head to kids’ room to wake them up.
  5. Find kids sleeping together (twin powers activate, form of SnuggleBuddies!)
  6. Gently shake Kayleigh for her shower, Devin wakes up crying “I don’t want to wake up!” (I sympathize.)
  7. Kayleigh’s in her shower, I pick out clothes for them to wear.
  8. Help her wash her hair, get her out and put Captain Fussypants in the shower. (Warm shower washes his grump away.)
  9. Pack their lunches, found a paper in Kayleigh’s backpack that says they have early dismissal on Thursday, but only 15 minutes early. Seriously.
  10. Get Devin out of the shower and tell them both to hurry, we’re running behind and they’re going to miss the bus!
  11. They are both dressed, I threw Kayleigh’s hair into a ponytail, combed Devin’s hair, and gave them Ziplock baggies full of cereal, they don’t have time to eat a good breakfast because they took too long in the shower, the bus will be here any minute now!
  12. Any minute now…
  13. You guys didn’t see the bus go by did you?
  14. We were out here in time, unless she was super early today…
  15. Dang it, back inside, Mommy has to put on shoes and wash her face so she can drive you to school.
  16. Loads kids in truck, drives…
  17. As we near the school I notice there is no one in the parking lot, so we cruise past and pull down a residential street for me to check the school site on my phone.
  18. “School closed for religious holiday.”
  19. Crap! We all could have slept in!
  20. I couldn’t end my list at 19 because I hate that number so I’m typing this just so we end at 20. I don’t hate all odd numbers, I usually prefer them, but 19 rubs me the wrong way.

On the plus side, we can sleep in tomorrow when there is also no school for the same holiday… On the other hand, I have to entertain them today! And… I was supposed to take my sister-in-law/BFF and her new baby boy to lunch tomorrow, and I’ll have to ask her if she cares if my heathens come along or if she wants to postpone so it can be just the three of us.

Blurgh. I’m off to get a cup of tea now to soothe myself while I decide if I want to drag the kids to Sam’s Club with me or not… They’re very well behaved, I just can’t stand them asking me for things we don’t need and getting bored when I want to look at things we don’t need…

P.S. Happy new year to all my Jewish friends!


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