Where have I been?!?!

I have been here, this whole time! Just kidding, I’ve been in the chair over there, thinking about writing stuff, but it seemed like such a chore to actually boot up the computer. Can I write a blog from my phone? Maybe, I don’t know, but clearly I did not try to find out.

So, what’s been happening (a lot!):

If you loved your children’s kindergarten graduation, great! I’m glad that you enjoyed it, skip a couple paragraphs now.

Bear and I discovered that Kindergarten graduation is a thing. A terrible, over-blown, crazy thing. We both kind of feel it’s unnecessary to celebrate them moving on from the easiest level of their education. “Yea, you met the lowest possible standards!” But, whatever… I dressed the kids up nicely like the form asked, Bear took the day off work so the kids would be happy, we got them on the bus and then we showed up at 8:00 just like we were supposed to. The place was already packed, but we managed to find a seat only 3 rows back. We realized shortly that we were either terrible parents, or the only sane ones there. People had balloons with “Congratulations Grad!”, flowers, and teddy bears in little caps and gowns… We showed up.

When they brought the kids out parents got up out of their seats and were snapping photos left and right with their phones, iPads, and professional grade slr cameras. We waved to our kids and took a couple photos with our phones from where we sat. The principal had to ask more than 4 times for people to take their seats so that the “ceremony” could commence. Bear had a look of dumbfounded horror on his face the entire time… I regret not taking a selfie with him.

The kids sang a couple cute songs, the icing on the cake being “First grade” sung to the tune of “New York.” Then they received their “diplomas” and we were able to collect them, sign them out and go out for the day.

Since I was feeling marginally bad for not being a crazy parent I decided we would take them out to lunch. We went to Red Lobster, where I was able to successfully convince the kids that the seals pictured on their menus were “puppy mermaids” despite all of Bear’s naysaying. Much to my delight, they were sure that he was the one kidding! I’m hoping to continue this belief for as long as possible. We’ll see how good their formal education is…..

*Actual puppy mermaid menu.

*Actual puppy mermaid menu.

To the next event! Field Day! Bear didn’t take off work for this one, which is good, because it’s not like the field days of our youth. There was no track and field type events, no ribbons etc. Field day is now just a fun day. There were hula hoop and jump rope stations, soccer, temporary tattoos, exotic pet education, bounce houses, water slides, and a sno-cone and popcorn station. I enjoyed getting to see the kids have fun, but I don’t think it really should have been called field day…

School finally ended on June 26th, and now we were gearing up for their dance recital! Devin is in hip-hop and Kayleigh is quite the little ballerina. The recital was adorable and my parents, Bear’s mom, and aunt and uncle were able to attend. We weren’t allowed to use flash photography and they had a pro there that was also filming, so I’m waiting on the dvd I guess. Afterward we hit up IHOP for dinner, then my parents packed the kids up in their truck and headed back to where they live, far, far away…

Phew! I had stuff to do, so I was happy they were able to vacation at Grandma and Papa’s. My best friend-sister-in-law is having a baby! Unfortunately her family suffered a terrible loss shortly before the shower, so I jumped in to help make sure it still came out beautiful. Her mama was thankful for the help and the rainbow at the end of the storm was that her sister was able to attend the shower. I made 2 kinds of cupcakes, a sailboat-watermelon fruit salad, candy “bar,” iced tea, lemonade, door prizes, and decorated. One of her other best friends made a cute diaper cake and brought clothes for the clothes line I made, and her mama’s family brought the food (so much yum!) I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I also crocheted and sewed her some super cute stuff. (Sorry for bragging, but I was super proud of how they came out.)

11754268_10204635282105381_2255740357635036715_n 11225726_10204635282145382_5440156504906655541_n

Baby watch 2015 continues though, as the little guy has refused to make his debut. His mama is more than ready for him to make an appearance, yet he remains stubborn. I hope he comes before August, because we’re supposed to go get my kids from my parents and go camping the first weekend of the month. I just want to hold him, and smell his baby smell, and kiss his baby fingers. Children are awful, but babies are nice.

This weekend was lovely, despite the deathly humidity, because my best friend from “home” visited me! No one ever visits me! (Aside from my parents!) We went out to dinner at Orange County Choppers, then the next day (because it was late when they got in) we went on the tour, then out to lunch before she had to head back home. The tour over at OCC was a bit lame, but mostly because it seemed like that girl did not want to be there… at all. They just needed someone more animated. It was super nice to get to hang out with my bestie again. Sigh.

Whee! I can’t think of anything else exciting that’s happened, I think we’re all caught up now. Next time I’ll write about other stuff!


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