This Morning’s Ramblings…

Sooo….. I was singing along to a song I’ve heard God only knows how many times before. It’s one of those songs that I think, it’s good, I won’t change the station, but I’m not in love with it enough that I’ve ever learned more than the chorus-y parts. In fact, I’ve never even bothered to listen much to the actual lyrics to the song… until today. It blew my mind!

Here’s exactly what happened: (In between *’s is my inner monologue, the rest was me singing.)

*Driving home from dropping Tilloo (my German Shepherd) off at the groomers*

♫Ramble on♫

*Thinking about a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich*

♫Sing my song♫

*Vroom, vroom. We should have brinner tonight! I’ll pull out bacon when I get ho.. Wait, did he just say he met a girl in Mordor but Gollum stole her?!?! No. I had to have misheard that, right??? That can’t be what he said… but what else could possibly sound like that? No… I’ll have to look up the lyrics when I get home…

♫Roxaaaaanne, you don’t have to put on your red light♫

So what do I find when I looked up the lyrics? Led Zeppelin absolutely wrote a song based on misadventures in Middle Earth.

And I’m not quite as crazy as I thought I might be!

the more you know


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