Move it, Fatty!

Technically this could have been Ugh 2. But I’ll save that for later. I went to the doctor today… Good news: my thyroid levels are finally normal, and the nodules on the half-a-thyroid I have left haven’t grown. Bad news: I gained four pounds since my last visit 2 months ago. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! Not fair! I’ve been exercising!!! Ex-er-cis-ing!!! The doctor was really nice about it and said maybe it was fat and muscle redistribution. I wanted to be like, “I don’t need your pity!” But, in reality, it was kind of nice to have it.

Q: Wait, wait, wait. Is this becoming another weight loss blog?

A: No, for it to be a weight loss blog I would have to be losing weight.

Sooo, I’ve decided to cut sugar out of everything now, even my tea.

Q: But Stasia, I thought you put raw honey in your tea?

A: I do, and honey is sugar. “The more you know…” It’s better than refined sugar, but alas. I will allow myself one spoonful for my allergies, but no more.

I don’t mind my tea with just milk as long as the tea is good, so it’s not a terrible sacrifice. (Note to self: Put a ziplock of tea bags in your purse, restaurants are not known for good tea.) I already have a withdrawal headache from lack of sugars. Grant me strength, the sweet tooth is a very powerful genetic trait in my lines, and I’m mega-addicted.

While I was in the parking lot for the doctor I got a call from the kids’ school; Devin had a fever again and I had to go get him. I had to pick him up early on Wednesday too (they called right when I was getting dressed to go work out, which may have given me an excuse not to do it, but I persevered and did my exercising post bed time, yea me!). He was fevered and flushed then, Kayleigh had a mild fever when she got off the bus, I kept both home Thursday just to be safe, both of them had normal temps Thursday night and this morning, why does he have a fever now?!?! I get him in the car and he says, “Mommy, can we go home and relax and watch cartoons?” What?!?! No. No we can not. You have ruined my day, I had stuff to do, errands to run, and now I can not do those things. If you’re sick, you’re sick, but we won’t be playing that game to get good times at home. I didn’t say that to him, that all happened in my brain. To him I said, “No Buddy, Mommy has some stuff to do, and if you’re sick, you should be resting.”

I dragged him along grocery shopping with me (better one 5 year old in tow than two). I bought the crap out of healthy stuffs whilst there. I passed on the chips and danishes and cookies and cakes and bought fruits and salads and veggies. I bought cheese instead of ice cream, whole grain bread instead of white. It was painful. I came home and instead of cramming a Cadbury creme egg into my sad face, I made myself lunch -> a wrap.

Wraps: How do restaurants get so much stuff in a wrap and have it roll up nice? I bought the big wrap tortillas, but If I fill them up with lettuce like the restaurants do they won’t roll closed nicely, if they roll up nicely I basically end up with a sad tortilla roll. Someone should give classes on this. Maybe I’ll look for a tutorial on YouTube. (Ha! I most certainly will not. #Lazy)

Later when I wanted something sweet, I eyed up the Starburst jellybeans I had bought for Bear, but instead grabbed an apple (Ambrosia apples are amazing if you haven’t tried them yet) and a white cheddar Babybel. It sufficed, and I didn’t feel shame after eating it.

On to other things that seem awful to me: Has anyone tried oil pulling?

Q: What is oil pulling?

A: You swish coconut or olive oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes, supposedly whitening your teeth, improving your immune system, helping with allergies, making your skin smooth and glowy, and giving you super powers, etc.

Ok, the super power thing wasn’t claimed (that I saw), but really, why do I have to swish something in my mouth for 20 minutes? Can’t I just eat it? It would be in my body for more than 20 minutes that way, so why wouldn’t I get the same results? Is it hard not to gag the whole time? Who thought to do this crap? People are weird. (I’d totally try it if it works though, so let me know. Not with olive oil though, that’s extra gross in your mouth for that long.)

I’ma go exercise now… Dev through off my groove again today.

Healthy living is hard. I’m pushing on though, I’m gonna fake it till I make it.


3 thoughts on “Move it, Fatty!

  1. I have to say I have been unmotivated to workout lately I have been having pain in my arm and shoulder so I pretty much just gave up for the last 2 weeks its sad…anyway buying healthy and eating healthy snacks makes me proud its so hard when you want jellybeans and the fuckers are right there staring in your face to choose an apple kudos to you!! I can also sympathize with you on taking 1 child to the store instead of 2 I am so glad we can share the pain of that lol! Just know your not alone on your eating healthy and working out journey 🙂 I get pissed too when I have a workout scheduled (in my head lol) and someone sabatoges it even if not purposely!


  2. BTW I have never done oil pulling but I am seriously considering it! I put coconut oil in my coffee this morning and it made my teeth feel amazing soooooo I think I’ll give it a go here shortly! I’ll let you know how it turns out! I would totally use coconut oil its so good!


    • I keep coconut oil around always. It’s an immune booster among all its other benefits, so when I’m feeling crummy I choke some down. (I’m not a coconut fan) It’s awesome for getting gum out of hair, even when you were thinking you wet going to have to cut her hair off at chin length… I give my dogs a spoonful with their meals, and not only are their coats beautiful they stay healthy even when exposed to a sick pup. I’m a huge proponent of the stuff, I just never considered swishing it around in my mouth for 20 minutes, lol!


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