I’m sorry Grandma…

I am so sorry. I’m venturing into the world of blogging, I will be writing about whatever it is I feel like, thoughts on life, stories about my life, my quirks, my complaints, things I love, things I do not love, and I’m probably going to curse. Sure I could edit it out, I could use a thesaurus and find other words as I have in the past….. but….. I don’t want to. I was married to a Marine once, I’ve worked with some crude (yet lovely) women at a dog kennel, my brother is a sailor,  and I am married to a mechanic. I swear. I try to keep it in check around children and the elderly, I’m very good about not swearing at work even. The thing is, I curse a lot. Swear words don’t bother me, but if they bother you, this may not be the blog for you to read. If you’re reading this blog and you know my grandma, please don’t show her. If you do show her, “I’m sorry, Grandma!”

I used to blog some years ago, but once I was introduced to Facebook I wrote less and less. I post little snippets of thoughts and life on my Facebook page, so I felt I wouldn’t have much to blog about. But sometimes I have too much to say, and although I could fit it all in since Facebook removed their character restrictions on posts, it would seem a touch ridiculous to me to have a 5 paragraph post.

I also wanted to post things that are not so PG, and since I’m “friends” with relatives, some under the age of 18, many of whom are prim and proper, some who are just pretending to be, and many of whom show my grandma what I’ve written, I need a place to do that. This is it. I’m sure they’ll discover it eventually, and maybe they’ll judge me, confront me, and/or show my grandma, but hopefully they’ll just be able to accept this as a part of me, and maybe find bits of it funny here and there.

So as I venture back into the world of blogging, don’t expect them to come at a regular rate. I’m the penultimate procrastinator, and I only write if I have inspiration and the words seem to flow. If I force it, I’m not happy, my thoughts don’t translate well, and no one will enjoy it. Maybe you would enjoy it, but it’s doubtful. Also, please forgive my run-on sentences, grammatical errors, weirdness, and whatever else might offend you.  And please, don’t show my grandma.


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